iOS Custom Apps Application Release with incapptic Connect

People are buzzing about the Apple ‘Custom Apps’ feature mentioned at 2019’s WWDC conference earlier this year. Although Custom Apps (formerly Custom B2B Apps) have been a feature of App Store Connect (formerly iTunes Connect), for eight years - Apple changed the rules a couple of months ago, allowing you to issue an app to yourself. WWDC2019 showed that Apple is pushing for Custom Apps as Apple’s answer to EMM stores and Android Enterprise.

Here’s a quick refresher on how Custom Apps work. If you want to go more in depth, we recommend watching the WWDC app publishing presentation here.

Custom Apps allow you to control who sees and can download your iOS app from the Apple App Store. App deployment and device permissions are managed through Apple Business Manager and your EMM system. You designate your app as ‘Custom’ during the initial app setup process, and this choice is irreversible, so make sure you tick the box for the right apps!

incapptic Connect allows Enterprise companies to fully manage their app release process through a centralised solution: no more insecure credential handouts to third-party developers, and no more pipeline bottlenecks when your developers hand-off to the publishing team. Just simple, quick, self-service app release.

How to use incapptic Connect:

Step 1: let developers or app owners upload the .ipa file and related metadata to incapptic Connect

Step 2: hit “Upload to App Store Connect“

There is no step 3 :)