App Release Automation Lowers App Store Rejection Rates

Developing a suite of great apps is not for the faint of heart. The average smartphone user spends about one month per year just using apps. There are many different types of apps used in business, from sales, marketing, accounting & HR apps. Most enterprise companies utilize the specifically designed Developer Enterprise Program  created by Apple which allows large corporations to run their businesses more smoothly and efficiently.

Recently prompted by US government officials, Apple revealed that over 40 percent of App Store submissions are rejected.

Apple’s Director of Federal Government Affairs, Timothy Powderly said “The App Review team reviews more that 100,000 submissions per week and reject approximately 36,000 of those submissions.”

Apple broke it down further by listing the top reasons for rejection:

  • 42% are due to App Completeness

  • 10% are due to Design spam

  • 8% are due to incorrect metadata

That means that 60% of App store rejections are easily solved by the incapptic Connect release automation software.


How you may ask?

The incapptic Connect Software automates the app release process, enabling specialized IT professionals to get back to the things that really matter, like innovating.

Some core benefits of incapptic Connect are:

  • Internal and external developers have the ability to receive instant feedback or review technical specifications. For iOS apps, signing assets can be automated for each signing.

  • No more manual downloads or signing apps yourself.

  • Capability to submit corrections for missing or incorrect metadata or information.

  • Real time overview and metrics.

It’s clear the future of apps is now. Don’t miss out, join our webinar to learn more!