incapptic Connect @ MobileIron Live! 2017

incapptic Connect is proud to be part of the upcoming MobileIron Live! on June 1 - 2, 2017 in Berlin!

MobileIron Live! is the premier event for immersive learning about enterprise mobility and security. Get hands-on technical training and learn how to achieve business results from real IT pros. Leave a better mobile IT professional.


Don't miss the chance to meet our team!

Want to know more about App Release Management and Deployment Automation?
Dr. Rafael Kobylinski and Dr. Thiemo Scherle, our Founder / CEO and our Chief Customer Officer, will be happy to get in touch. Send them a Twitter message to meet them during the event:



Attend incapptic Connect's Roundtable: Best Practices for Publishing and Updating In-house Apps

On Thursday, June 1, 2017, afternoon, we will host a roundtable. In this session, we will discuss the best practices needed to securely transfer app binaries, screenshots, and meta-data across organizational boundaries, such as development and IT operations. We will also explain how to re-sign externally developed apps with Apple-issued digital identities or Android Keystores, as well as upload in-house apps to MobileIron Apps@Work. You will also learn how self-service and automation can save countless admin hours and reduce lead times from development to availability in Apps@Work.


An der Industriebahn 12
13088 Berlin