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App Release to the MobileIron Enterprise App Store in 6 Easy Steps

We’re proud to partner with MobileIron to facilitate quicker, safer, and more reliable enterprise app deployment. Here’s a video to show you how simple your app release process can be with incapptic Connect.

Step 1: Login to your incapptic Connect account. This will bring you to your apps list, where you have an enterprise level overview of all app projects within your business

Step 2: Navigate to the app you’d like to update.

Step 3: Press ‘new version’ to upload your .ipa file and follow the instructions to upload any new metadata assets.

Step 4: Wait for incapptic Connect to handle the app signing process, as well as generate your new provisioning profile.

Step 5: Publish your new version to your MobileIron enterprise App Store

Step 6 (optional): Update labels and categories

Step Seven: Done!