+ What is incapptic CONNECT?

incapptic Connect is a software solution companies use to implement a fully automated mobile app release and deployment process. incapptic Connect includes a web-based self-service portal for developers or business units and an administrative console for the IT department. Developers or business units use incapptic Connect to submit new versions of iOS and Android apps for publication in Enterprise App Stores, Apple App Store and Google Play. IT departments use incapptic Connect to control and monitor all activities while retaining full control over their distribution identities.

+ What is an enterprise app store?

An Enterprise App Store allows your company to distribute apps for iOS or Android to your own employees. Unlike mobile apps published to Apple App Store or Google Play, apps published to your Enterprise App Store are not exposed to the general public. Today, an Enterprise App Store is a standard feature of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions such as MobileIron or VMware Airwatch. incapptic Connect integrates with Enterprise App Stores such as MobileIron’s Apps@Work and VMware AirWatch’s App Catalog.

+ How does incapptic support DevOps?

DevOps is a clipped compound of the terms (software) “development” and (IT/software) “operations”. DevOps aspires to integrate software development teams and IT operations departments. incapptic Connect supports DevOps best practices by automating the process of releasing mobile app versions from development to production.

+ What is application release automation?

Application Release Automation (ARA) refers to a class of automation solutions which address the process of deploying an application from development to production. incapptic Connect is an Application Release Automation solution designed specifically for iOS and Android apps.


Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) enables your development teams to produce applications in short cycles. You can integrate your iOS and Android CI/CD system with incapptic Connect in no time using our CI/CD API (download our plugin for Jenkins). Achieve Continuous Deployment to your Enterprise App Store, Apple App Store and Google Play (automated deployment to Google Play available soon).