Supercharge your Workflow.

We are in the midst of a mobile revolution.

The world's leading corporations are creating mobile app workflows to manage tasks more efficiently, making work more collaborative and fluid.

Enterprise mobility encourages your employees to thrive in and out of the office.  


App Boom

Enterprise App Boom

By 2020, the number of individuals conducting daily activities through apps will double from
3.4 to 6.3 billion

Future of Work

Enterprise Mobile Future of Work

By 2022, 70% of all software interactions in the enterprise will occur on mobile devices. 

Mobile Dominance

Enterprise Mobile Dominance

87% of enterprise leaders plan to expand their portfolio of apps over the next year.

Manual Publishing is Hell on Earth.

As the demand increases for internal mobile apps, frequent update releases are required. If there are only manual publishing processes in place, your developers and IT department will run into major issues. 


Long Lead Times

Manual Publishing Long Lead Times

Manual Work

Manual Publishing Manual Work

Human Errors

Manual Publishing Human Errors

Security Risks


Meet incapptic Connect. 

How will your business units take control of the mounting issues that come with an increased demand for
mobile apps? 

incapptic Connect can help. 

Our software automates the app publishing process, allowing your enterprise apps to be launched within minutes.

This allows your company to save important resources while laying the foundation for a robust mobile roadmap for your employees. 




The average lead time for app releases shrinks from several business days to 2 minutes. 



You retain control over the corporate signing identities, while your business units and developers innovate. 



incapptic Connect can save you over 1,000 hours on app publishing tasks every year. 


We want to help with calculating your individual savings.
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App Development Nirvana.

incapptic Connect enables your enterprise apps to be launched at the click of a button, making it possible for your business units to instantly deploy feature releases and bug fixes.