Your Enterprise App Release Process isn't working


Companies are increasingly understanding that Mobile Applications are key to moving business forward into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Almost 5 billion people globally own a cell phone that they interact with hundreds of times during the day. It’s only natural that as industry is increasingly managed digitally, mobile devices become a key part of our business practices as well.

In-house attempts to address problems with Enterprise Applications often run up against problems with lead times, lowered employee productivity, and opaque project management

Enterprise Mobile Applications (EMAs) are still a relatively new field. As such, the processes put in place to manage them are a mix of techniques established ‘on the fly’ as companies slowly invested more and more into Mobile Application Management (MAM). These processes are often heavily manual task based, error prone, and require a frustratingly long match of email ping-pong to bring all relevant parties into the mix.


CENTRALISE & AUTOMATE with incapptic Connect


As the old saying goes - Keep Is Simple, Stupid! Our goal is to take all the hassle out of app release - no more messing around in Xcode to generate provisioning profiles, no more unexpected certificate expiration, no complex security processes if you use third-party developers. Just give your team an incapptic profile, they upload the app binaries and metadata through our portal, and we handle the rest.